About Us

We are a debate podcast, we discuss like topics from pop culture, and so much more. Available everywhere, be a
hero and listen. FIGHT ON.

Some of the great episodes that have debated include:

  • Call of Duty vs Fortnite
  • Halloween Franchise vs Friday the 13th Franchise
  • McDonalds vs Burger King
  • Nintendo vs Sega
  • Tennessee Whiskey vs Kentucky Bourbon
  • and so many more.

Our hosts, Tom and Brian, have many years of debating and being nerds. If you want to learn more about them, go
to our roster page.

We also have guest judges and fighters for every episode. If you would like to be a guest judge or fighter,
reach out to us on our social medias.

If you have an idea for a podcast episode or blog, reach out to us on our social medias.


Coming Soon – We will have blogs, YouTube videos, and more podcast.