Richard Donner Legendary Film Maker Passes away at 91

Posted on July 9, 2021Comments Off on Richard Donner Legendary Film Maker Passes away at 91

Richard Donner is a legend. So when I heard the news of his passing I was really taken back. I mean who hasn’t been affected by some of his works? He had a career that spanned 46 years of television and movies. everything from Gilligan’s isle, to the wild wild west. He even brought us one of the greatest family adventure movies to date! The goonies! As well as other instant classics like Superman and Superman 2. All 4 lethal weapon movies. And so many more.

While the cause of death has not been released to the public, I think it’s fair to say that he lived a full, rich, and fulfilling life. I think Steven Spielberg said it best by calling him ‘the greatest goonie of all.’ When I had heard that he was going to come on as a producer for The Goonies 2 I was thrilled. I can only hope if they continue forward on the film that they pay him the highest honor and make an incredible film.

So often in Hollywood, you hear infamous stories of the arrogance of big names. But Richard Donner was known as a highly motivated person. Driven to succeed. Always lifting and educating those around him. He has always been held in the highest esteem by his peers and all that knew him. We hope his family finds peace in his passing.

Richard Donner, we Salute you!

What are some of your favorite works by Richard Donner?

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