New Mutants – Review

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New Mutants is the final Fox X-Men movie before the Disney and Fox merger. This makes it the final chapter in the Fox Marvelverse. Thank God. Don’t get me wrong there have been a handful of fun X-Men movies. However, there have been a lot more misses. I for one, am looking forward to Kevin Feige being able to take charge of the X-Men moving forward. X-Men is after all my favorite Marvel Comicbook franchise, so I would really like to see some justice done for them!

The Good

This movie stars Anya Taylor-Joy who you might know from Queen’s Gambit. Maisie Williams from Game of Thrones. As well as Charlie Heaton from Stranger Things. These are 3 very talented young actors who all did a good job with what they were given. They do a good job at making you love, or hate the characters they are portraying.

The special effects and creature designs are really well done! And getting to see these characters use their powers was incredibly rewarding. This film definitely looks the part.

I also appreciated the attempt at doing something different with this movie. It clearly is inspired by some other great horror/thriller properties and does well at paying homage to them while also creating its own unique narrative. The X-Men universe is vast and diverse so for them to attempt to do something so different from the current comic to movie trend was refreshing.

new mutants cast

The Bad

This brings me to the bad. New Mutants is really poorly written. The dialogue between the characters is painful and strained. Anya’s character is as generic and cliche a bully as you can get. Most of this movie makes very little sense. New Mutants wants so badly to be A Nightmare On Elm Street: Dream Warriors, but it pales in comparison.

These characters are so terribly developed. Not much makes sense about any of them. It really feels like a poorly written high school bully film that wishes it had something as intelligent to say as the breakfast club, but everyone is too one-note to be interesting or relatable in any way.

New Mutants Score

Overall I wouldn’t say there was anything too incriminating about this movie. But I think Brian says it best when he says the worst thing a movie can be is forgettable. This movie is very forgettable. With cliche characters, poor writing, and no real direction it really suffers to carry its own weight in an already waning franchise. I’m giving New Mutants 5 out of 10 stars.

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