DC’s Best Joker Battle Royale Round 2

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Who is DC’s Best Joker?

Who is DC’s Best Joker ever? Last week we took this, darkest of characters, and debated the lighter versions we have seen of him in film and tv.  This week we are tackling the 4 darkest and most known versions of the character for Round 2! Who will reign supreme? Who will move on to face Jack Nicholson’s joker and fight Haley The Brave in the final round?

There have been many people who have taken on the mantle of the Joker but there are 8 that are the most known. Of the many, these are 4 of the most iconic versions of the Joker, going head to head against each other, to see who represented the Clown Prince of Crime best?


Round 2 Lineup!

Heath Ledger: The Dark Knight – The Mad Man Casey from The Scene Snobs. Casey talks about the anarchy, mystery, and unpredictability of the character.

Joaquin Phoenix: Joker – Mark James from Mark My Words Podcast. Mark talks about the deteriorating mental health of someone failed by society.

Jared Leto: Suicide Squad and Zach Snyder’s Justice League – Jordan a contributor from Show Boys Podcast. Jordan discusses the brutality and fear created by the joker in a world of metahumans.

Cameron Monaghan: Gotham – Brian from B-Hero Fights. Brian illustrates the diversity Cameron brings playing multiple versions of the character all in the same show!

This week’s Judge will be Tom

What are your thoughts on the debate? What would you change or add? Do you agree with the ruling? Let us know!

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