Godzilla Vs Kong – Review

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Godzilla Vs Kong is a beautiful disaster! It is my newest guilty pleasure with incredible action, and horrible plot, and characters. As is to be expected from Legendary Pictures’ Monsterverse. Starting of course with 2014’s Godzilla by Gareth Edwards which came in with mixed reviews. This “Monsterverse” continues to chug along with its mixed bag of reactions and feelings from audiences and critics alike. This particular installment I found to be a fantastic thrill ride mixed with the biggest eye rolls I’ve experienced since Godzilla King of Monsters… Or maybe even Jurassic World. Let’s dive in!

What’s to like?

Godzilla Vs Kong is far more polished than its predecessor King of Monsters. But still not as polished, in my opinion, as Gareth Edwards Godzilla. However, with a movie like this where we are to taking creatures and making characters out of them and giving them facial expressions, how much can you expect? Where this movie really shines is in the action. One of the biggest criticisms of Gareth Edwards Godzilla was that we didn’t get enough Godzilla. They fixed that with Kong Skull Island, and Godzilla King of Monsters. Seeing Godzilla and Kong fight each other is absolutely stunning. I know the science behind it is preposterous, but speeding up the action/fight choreography was a fantastic choice. It feels so much more brutal and epic.


Kong’s intelligence is a nice touch. For the story that they have been telling and building up too, it makes sense that this creature would have a decent level of intelligence. Fortunately, it’s also not overboard, it feels like just the right amount for a godlike titan creature of earth. The motion capture for Kong is also really well done. His facial expressions are compelling and he looks and moves like you would expect a gorilla to look and move… At least for a giant Hollywood form of a gorilla.

Godzilla looks great as well, every time I got to see him breathe his atomic fire it warmed my cold dead heart. With the exception of a few of his facial expressions, everything about him was on point. Unfortunately, there is much less to say about him because the movie chooses to focus so much more on Kong.

What’s bad?

This movie is far from perfect. The Hollywood movie logic gets taken to a whole new level of, “WTF just happened?” And, “Are they really doing that?” The good news is my eyes rolled so far back into my head I’m confident I don’t have any brain tumors to worry about. The bad news is, trying to wrap my head around said logic, might have caused tumors to spawn…

The human characters are all really silly. The corporate scheme themes are redundant and ridiculous. One of my bigger peeves with this movie is giving validity to some ridiculous conspiracy theories. While it does make for some fun visuals, it really just took me out of it. In the end, the chain of events that lead from one scene to the next is asinine and painful.

Hey Hollywood, you know that defibrillation is different from adrenaline right? Asking for a friend.


The movie has a great cast to it. Millie Bobby Brown (Stranger Things) reprises her role in this film as the main cheerleader for Gozilla. With her father Kyle Chandler (Super 8) returning as the world’s worst parent. In her pro-Godzilla entourage she is joined by Julian Dennison (Deadpool 2), and Brian Tyree Henry (Into The Spider-Verse).

team godzilla

Team Kong consists of Rebecca Hall (The Town), Alexander Skarsgard (Tarzan), and Kaylee Hottle in her first Film Debut! Kaylee’s connection with kong was possibly the best part of any of the human interactions in this movie. She did a wonderful job, and I can’t wait to see where she goes from here!

Team Kong

Godzilla Vs Kong Final Verdict

After much thought, I can’t just give Godzilla Vs Kong 1 score. Because I both loved and hated this movie. It will forever be of my guilty pleasures. For the action and fight scenes, I am giving Godzilla Vs Kong a 9 out of 10. It’s so Epic! Both my kids and I were cheering in awe! For the overall story, character development, and sensibility I am giving Godzilla Vs Kong a 2. Like, it is exceptionally bad writing and storytelling. It’s almost impressive how bad it is. It feels like they googled scientific words to put in the film without any knowledge otherwise.

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