The Stand Review

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Which side do you Stand with? Mother Abigail or Randal Flagg (With two Gs). That’s right, I have just finished watching the first three episodes of the limited-time series “The Stand” on CBS All Access.

What is The Stand

Now for those that don’t know of “The Stand” either from the original mini-series in the 90s or the Stephan King novel from which it is based, please take a listen to our friends from the Dark Tower Palaver podcast for their episode. But a quick synopsis, the story is about two groups of survivors of a plague epidemic known as ‘Captain Tripps’ which kills 99% of the world’s population. The two groups are led via dream by two powerful beings, Mother Abigail or Randal Flagg. Their destination is either to Boulder, Colorado or Las Vegas, Nevada, respectively. This will end with an epic showdown between both sides but that is going into spoiler territory and I will avoid that to the best of my ability.

Now I am a fan of Stephen Kings and have read his works since I was a kid, that being said I have not read ‘The Stand’ in years and have not watched the original mini-series starring Gary Sinise in a while either. Normally for reviews, I will read or watch old versions of the material so that I can compare to the new version. This time I decided to go in mostly clean and without any bias to it.

My Thoughts

So for 2020’s version of the ‘The Stand’, honestly I am loving it. The acting from most everyone is well done with standouts being James Marsden, Whoopi Goldberg, and Alexander Skarsgard. The directing and storytelling are great, as they have updated the story for modern times. As of the first three episodes I have not yet found a problem with this show. But there is a problem that I have to once again get a new streaming service to watch it. CBS All Access doesn’t have a large amount of content or anything that I would go looking for. The exceptions being their Star Trek show but they are not worth $10 a month by themselves.

So as I wrap up this review, get CBS All Access for a month and binge this fantastic show. Once you’re done if you still have time binge the Star Trek offerings (Picard, Lower Decks, Discovery). Then decide what to do with your subscription.

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