WandaVision Review

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After going a full year without any Marvel content, for the first time since the MCU began, we were treated to WandaVision premiering on Disney+ (January 15th), and thanks given to the ‘One Above All’ for what a treat it was.

Let me start by saying I am a huge comic book nerd. So WandaVision ticked all the boxes for me. I will, however, attempt to be as unbiased as I can be. So I will try and look at this as if I was not. Also, I will do what I can to not spoil anything and I have to this point only seen the first two episodes.

Its Good

First, I love the aspect that each episode is a call back to tv shows and styles of previous decades. Episode 1 is in the style of ‘The Dick Van Dyke Show’. Episode 2 is in the style of ‘Bewitched’. Both are wonderful classic shows. Even the episodes A plots are similar to ones you may have seen from those shows.

Along with that, the studios went and found cameras from the era and used them for the filming of these episodes to make them more authentic. Just the love and detail that the MCU and Marvel as a whole to stuff like this is amazing.

The writing and acting are so on point, both with the way that each character plays the part of the stylized show and as the characters that they are meant to be, i.e. Wanda is playing a ‘Bewitched’ stylized version of Samatha but at times also shows Wanda from the MCU in there too, when she is seeing or hearing things that break the illusion. (Again trying not to spoil anything). With each episode, the writing is done where the episode could almost stand-alone. Much like the old series where but they tease just enough to make you see a through-line and want more.

WandaVision Thoughts

At this point I have honestly watched both episodes 6 times. Friday can’t come quick enough so I can pull up my Disney+ app and watch the next episode. I contemplated waiting for the rest of this short-run (8 episodes) to finish, but there is no way. I am intrigued by the mystery of the show, I love the old callbacks to ‘television shows gone by’, and I am in love (don’t tell my wife) with Elizabeth Olsen and her take on Wanda. It would also be amiss not to say how amazing Paul Bettany is as Vision. Especially in Episode 2. For those that have seen it, I will end this with ‘Flourish’.

You can catch WandaVision only on Disney+ and new episodes drop every Friday.

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